Relationship Support for Your Older Loved Ones

Caring, personalized support for older adults.

Happy Talks supplements the emotional care of older adults (and socially isolated seniors) through our pen pal style phone service with friendly, trained and background checked professionals.

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Alison F.

"I haven't heard him say "you're right" since he lost his friend. This is such a magnificent service. You really are making a great difference in his quality of life!!!!! You are wonderful at this!!!! Thank you!!!!"

Jocelyn H.

"My Grandma has lost her entire friend group. They have all passed away. Having Happy Talks providing trusted people that I know my Grandma can talk to, laugh with and share stories with is priceless. She's talked to retirees and young professionals and I get a text notification that she has connected. It's a win-win."

Anthony R.

"My Dad will never admit he wants to talk to someone. His Happy Talks circle that speaks to him brightens his week and gives him and I more things to connect about. You all are the right folks to be chatting with my Dad. THANK YOU!"

Quality, affordable care in your absence.

About Us

Meet Happy Talks

"When people talk, listen completely. Most people never listen." — Hemingway

Families and loved ones struggle to provide consistent emotional support for their aging relatives while also managing their own lives.

Happy Talks reduces the demands of caring for older adults (and socially isolated seniors) through regular phone check-ins by friendly, trained professionals. Whether it's your golden years or your glory years, you have help.

Why Us?

Help You Need

Stay Informed

Receive weekly updates, progress reports, and talking points.

Peace of Mind

Experience peace of mind, knowing they're connecting regularly with another person.

Be Proactive

Evaluate their emotional health and support major life transitions.

Show You Care

Assist aging love ones as they transition through common seasons of late-stage living.

Simple, Affordable Pricing Paid Monthly


Your loved one receives eight, 15 minute calls per month. Live phone calls with trained, real-life humans. You receive updates for peace of mind.

Need more time and attention? Add-ons allow for:

  • More Calls.
  • Longer Duration.
  • On-Demand.

Connect now and talk with a member of our team.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where those you love are involved, all questions are welcome. Review questions below or call us and speak with a real person.

Click get started and you will be taken to a family form to complete.

Once we receive the family form sharing more about your loved one, you can set up a brief call and we will start the customized match for your loved one. Sign up to call start dates is generally two weeks.

Your security and peace of mind are paramount to us. All of our "Links" aka conversationalists are background checked, have a wellness assessment on file and go through continuous training. With your membership, you know exactly the circle of Links who your loved one is custom matched with. You receive an update after each call via text and/or email as well as in your dashboard. The profiles of who your loved is speaking with is also in the dashboard.

You certainly can. Purchase one call, a bundle, or a subscription for your loved one to receive a connection. The more calls you purchase, the more cost savings.

No app required! All your loved one needs is a phone. We call them at scheduled times and you receive their call history and any notes our conversationalists have provided for you.

We love working with medical providers! We are HIPAA compliant. If you think that Happy Talks should be a part of your care plan, let your provider know and share their information with us. We will do our part to help make it a part of a care plan. Loneliness affects health outcomes and we want to do our part to keep your loved one safe and healthy.

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