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The State of Caregiving

Monday 19 February 2024

Thoughts on the article by Lance A. Slatton of McKnights Home Care

The State of Caregiving

A captivating piece from McKnight's Long-Term Care News, authored by Lance A. S., delves into the present landscape of caregiving in the United States.

The first sentence outlines the mountain we collectively have to climb stating, “A significant discrepancy has formed over the past decade between the number of people needing care and the number of professional caregivers available. This was significantly exacerbated in 2023, with caregivers becoming more exhausted than ever.”

With an astounding 53 million unpaid caregivers recorded in 2023, AARP forecasts a staggering $4.1 trillion GDP loss by 2050. The article proposes various solutions tailored for employers and policymakers to address this pressing issue. Collaboration is key; only by working together can we affect meaningful change.

Indeed, as the proverb goes, collective effort fosters progress, and together, we can surmount any obstacle.

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